With over 25 years of experience in lighting and landscape design, The Lighting Master is fully qualified to perform services ranging from water features to retaining walls. Although, mowing and direct lawn care are not the primary focus of our business plan; for select clients, The Lighting Master is willing to propose complete maintenance and landscape design packages to maximize the benefits of custom designed landscape lighting. The Lighting Master also offers Christmas lighting installation and removal. CLICK HERE for more information on our Christmas lighting services in Northwest Arkansas.

  • Complete architectural landscape lighting design.
  • Implementation of selected design utilizing coordinating fixtures to enhance the overall theme of the design.
  • Holiday Lighting displays and arrangements.

Home Safety

Most home owners quickly think of alarm systems for their new homes when they are considering the safety and security of their family and their belongings.  One of the most overlooked items in home security is the proper and professional placement of outdoor lighting to illuminate dark and hidden areas of your property.

The Lighting Master is committed to educating homeowners and providing the needed resources to help ensure the safety of your home and family.


These measures include:

  • Perimeter lights using low voltage lighting fixtures to help keep shadows away from the corners of houses and yards.
  • Utilization of manual overrides to automated systems to enable the home owner to instantly turn on all outdoor lights in the event
    of suspicious activity.

Give The Lighting Master a call today to get started in securing your home and future.